Aura: Movistar Home reinvents your home

Movistar Home

Talk to me through Movistar Home,
the new device that reinvents your home

Be the first to have the latest in technology for your home. Say "OK Aura"
and start doing amazing things just with your voice.

Large 8-inch LED touch screen.

Latest voice technology with natural interaction.

High-sensitivity camera, even at night.

Privacy control by disconnecting the camera and microphone.

Wireless handset with Bluetooth for private calls.

Say hello to a new way of enjoying your home's living room

Soon, you will also be able to enjoy many more experiences at home.

* To enjoy Movistar Home, it is necessary to have Fusión, Smart WiFi Router and Movistar+ (not valid by satellite)

Say hello to a new way of enjoying your home's living room Desco UHD Movistar+ Movistar Home Router Smart Wifi Home Automation

Change the way you watch TV

With me, you can manage everything related to your Movistar+ and keep abreast of what's happening on your social networks.

Discover a new form of entertainment

Now you can enjoy everything you've ever dreamed of. Ask me to play Questions and Answers or listen to your favorite radio station.

Make your day to day easier

Do you want to know what the weather will be like today? With me, you can already prevent if you will need an umbrella or know what time it is.

Manage connectivity just with your voice

Are you also one of those who bends down to turn the router around? Now you can also ask me to turn off the lights from the couch. Let me do it for you!

Enhance your experience with me

Now you can add the products that appear in your Movistar+ series to your wish lists or see which devices are connected in your home. Soon, you'll also be able to reserve the seat of your flights.

Experience a new way of communicating

With me, we're reinventing and developing the landline to transform it into a smart device. You can manage your communications through voice and by touch.

What they ask me about Movistar Home

Find the answer to all your curiosities about the new features that will be available soon. I'm constantly evolving and learning to give you the best experience. Don't keep your queries to yourself!

When will I be able to watch the content from the last seven days?

Don’t miss out on anything that you want to see. At the moment, as we improve the access and use of the catalogue, we are working so that soon you can enjoy new features. An example of this is when you ask me to change the channel, put on a series, etc. I will also show you all the content for the last 7 days.

When will I be able to continue watching a series where I left it off and record Movistar+ content?

Soon you’ll be able to record all the Movistar+ content you are interested in. In addition, you will be able to ask me to continue watching your favourite series from the episode where you left off. Enjoying your series has never been so easy.

Will there be new entertainment features?

Discover a new form of entertainment. You can ask me to listen to podcasts that interest you or discover new ones. Expand your learning and have fun.

If you are a company, discover Movistar Living Apps, the new channel for reaching your customers

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