Aura: Movistar Home reinvents your home

Movistar Home

Talk to me through Movistar Home,
the device that transforms your home

Be the first to have the latest in technology for your home. Say "OK Aura"
and start doing amazing things just with your voice.

Large 8-inch LED touch screen.

Latest voice technology with natural interaction.

High-sensitivity camera, even at night.

Privacy control by disconnecting the camera and microphone.

Wireless handset with Bluetooth for private calls.

Enrich your experience with the new Movistar+ Voice Remote Control

Now you can manage all the content of your Movistar+ TV just using your voice and get the most out of the best entertainment offer.


Say hello to a new way of enjoying your home

Dream about your next trip, manage all your connected devices at home or learn more about your favourite football team. You can do all this just using your voice from your Movistar Home device, or if you prefer, by navigating through the Movistar+ TV menu without getting up from your couch.

* Only available in Spain, for Movistar+ Fusion TV customers, Router Smart WiFi, any model of decoder (not valid for Satellite) and the Movistar Home device.

Say hello to a new way of enjoying <span class=your home"> Desco UHD Movistar+ Movistar Home Router Smart Wifi Home Automation Movistar+ Voice Command

Have family fun

Enjoy endless possibilities to have fun at home. Live the best live concerts, do sports, become a gamer, play with your family or listen to the radio, among many other possibilities.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Manage connectivity just with your voice

You are already able to see in real time everything that´s going on at home and check the equipment of Hogar Movistar. Monitor the devices connected to your network or turn off the lights. Additionally, you do not have to reach down anymore to turn the router around. Let them do it for you!

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Experience a new way of communicating

With me, we're reinventing and developing the landline to transform it into a smart device. You can manage your communications through voice and by touch.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Expand your knowledge of football

Now you can follow the league competition minute by minute. You can also access the best content about your favourite team with me.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Awaken your cultural interest

Listen to children´s audiobooks, search for information about different job offers or access the cultural activity agenda of Espacio Fundación. Soon you will also be able to check grammar and spelling issues to use correctly the Spanish language.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Make your daily life easier

With me, you can now listen to the news from your favourite media, find out what the weather is going to be like today or what time it is. Now you can also consult information about your services contracted with Movistar or access information related to health and nutrition programmes.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Access your favourite shops from home

Contract the services of Movistar or buy your home equipment through the television. You can also check the status of your shipments without getting up from your sofa.

* In some cases, the purchase is completed from the mobile phone.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Plan your next trips

Now you'll discover how easy it is to organise a trip. Ask me to find a flight according to the price and date you want or enjoy recommendations on possible destinations.

* Movistar Home is only available in Spain

Enjoy these and many other experiences just with your voice. Hit play and turn your home into a special place!

What they ask me about Movistar Home

Find the answer to all your curiosities about the new features that will be available soon. I'm constantly evolving and learning to give you the best experience. Don't keep your queries to yourself!

When can I see the content of the last 7 days?

Now you can go back to watching your favourite programme or the episode you missed last week. Forget about recording it and enjoy it whenever you want. Don’t miss out on anything you want to watch.

Will I be able to save my favourite series or movies?

Yes, soon you will be able to save your favourite series or programmes. From the main screen of your Movistar Home device you can quickly and easily access the content you want.

Will there be new entertainment features?

Discover a new form of entertainment. Now you can listen to your favourite radio station or check out the podcast catalogue. Broaden your knowledge with the Question & Answer games.

What is the difference between the Movistar Home device and the new Movistar+ Voice Remote Control? And where can I buy them?

They are complementary, not replacement, devices. Talk to me from the new Movistar+ Voice Remote Control and ask me for your favourite series without getting up from the couch. In addition, with Movistar Home enrich your experience: plan your next trips, know everything about football or find professional information. Both devices are available only in Spain for Movistar customers.

* Remember that it is not necessary to have Movistar Home to enjoy the Movistar+ Voice Remote Control.

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